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Michael I. Rosales (also known as Mic3, Mic Tre, Pinoy Pirate) is a multi-faceted entertainer. Rosales brings a unique blend of talent as rapper/actor/model framed within a 6-foot longhaired Asian frame. Rosales was born to Filipino parents Jose Marquez Rosales, a U.S. Army and Pilar Ilano Rosales, a Registered nurse on September 30, 1980, in Heidelberg, Germany during his father’s tour of duty in the European country. In subsequent years, Rosales and his family bounced between Hawaii to Arizona, but eventually situated in Hawaii where Rosales would spend his formative teenage years.

Rosales attended Admiral Arthur W. Radford High School in Honolulu, known for its high concentration of Military kids. The unique blend of laid-back local Hawaii culture coupled with a widely diverse presence of Military students provided a unique life influence for Rosales. Impromptu performances during recess in a number of school areas from the classroom to the bathroom helped Rosales hone his adaptable and likable presence in front of his peers. However, his teachers saw Rosales anything but likable. After numerous instances of trouble with school officials and the law, Rosales parents forced him to live with family in Las Vegas in 1996 – around the same time of the death of one of his favorite entertainers, legendary rap artist Tupac Shakur. The passing of Shakur only fueled his aggressive passion for Hip-Hop even further, igniting his desire for his voice to be heard. After his stay in Sin City, he returned to Hawaii and graduated in 1998. Faced at a crossroads in life, Rosales joined the U.S. Air Force. Around this time, Hip-Hop’s influence became more noticeable in Pop Culture. This provided Rosales even further motivation to continue to mold his skills as a young Hip-Hop emcee, trading battle rhymes with peers and studying other rappers from Canibus to Common. However, the rough influences of his past continued to stay with him. He kept a true aggressive determination for what was burning in his heart for years before and would show in years to come.

After 4 years, Rosales exited the military, he returned to Las Vegas, NV in 2002 with a continued focus to find success as a rap artist. However, Rosales continued to be troubled by his past and reflected it in his music and life. He continued to run with people who lived the life he rapped about in his rhymes, but it also proved to be a training ground to enhance his adaptability to rise above the situations he was thrown in.

In 2005, he debuted his first album with "Supreme Lyrical Beatdown” that brought him a level of respect among the local Hip-Hop community in Las Vegas. Familial circumstances brought him back to Hawaii, where people caught wind of his Hip-Hop ambitions. Continuing to grow and become influenced as an artist, Rosales resurrected an interest in the roots of his Filipino heritage and motherland, planted by his father during his childhood. His rediscovery of his cultural influence redirected his wild aggressive approach in life towards becoming the voice of a generation of young Filipinos. His 2nd album entitled "Respect My Pride"(2009) depicted a more mature, yet energetic “Mic3” set on focusing his energetic approach to being a preeminent voice of pride among young Pinoys and Pinays in Hawaii and the world. This desire manifested itself through his "Balikbayan" music video, entirely shot in the Philippines along the backdrop of the country’s most historical sites, during the aftermath of Typhoon Ondoy.

With his stock rising among the Filipino community, Rosales music took notice among Hawaii’s Hip-Hop community. He joined forces with up-and-coming Hawaii Hip-Hop emcees, Big Mox, Krystilez, & Osna and formed a Hawaii super group of emcees called the “Angry Locals.” Over the course of the next two years from 2009 to 2011, the group went on to release numerous YouTube videos garnering millions of views, 3 albums, tour across 3-city mainland U.S. tour (Los Angeles, San Diego, & Las Vegas) and became nominated for a Na Hoku Hanohano award for Best Hip-Hop/R& B album, the equivalent of the Grammy awards in Hawaii.

During his tenure as an “Angry Local”, Rosales branched out from music and became the “Pinoy Pirate” during for the release of Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides. His role in the movie brought him traveling around the world between Hawaii, Hollywood and London. Taking his newfound passion for acting, Rosales continued to take part in a variety of activities including independent films and numerous modeling opportunities.
Mic3 currently resides just outside of Las Vegas, NV and commutes to Hollywood, CA, Honolulu, Hawaii, and Manila Philippines regularly.

-Biography by Brandon De la Cruz


released December 21, 2011
Produced by: Bueno Beats

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